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One of the key SSL certificate features is data encryption. SSL certificates encrypt data in transit using asymmetric and symmetric encryption.



An important SSL security feature is that data in transit is not sent in one large chunk but as several fragments. These multiple fragments are reassembled when the client receives data.

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Confidentiality is another important SSL certificate feature. The use of symmetric and asymmetric encryption, strong hashing algorithms, public-key encryption algorithms.



Yet another SSL feature is that it makes data in transit unintelligible to any unauthorized entity. Strong encryption, hashing, and fragmentation techniques used by SSL

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Server Authentication

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the asked FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) at the time of purchase or installation of SSL/TLS Certificates. Go through this; it will help you learn and understand what SSL is, how it works, why SSL is needed, how to order SSL, how to generate CSR, etc.

What is the meaning of SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is one of the standard security protocols used by millions for establishing an encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server while preventing cybercriminals from reading and modifying any transaction done between them such as the transmission of sensitive information like credit card while doing online shopping. It ensures that all the data passed between the web browser and web server remains private and secured.

How does an SSL work?

Whenever a user visits a secured website, an SSL/TLS Certificate installed on it offers identification information regarding its web server and creates an encrypted connection. Furthermore, all of this process is done within a second.


Let’s see how does an SSL work?

  • Web browser or server tries to connect with the server of a website secured with an SSL/TLS Certificate and make a request to a web server for identifying themselves.
  • Copy of a web server’s SSL/TLS Certificate is sent to the browser or server.
  • Once the browser/server receives it verifies whether to trust the SSL/TLS Certificate and then sends a message to the web server.
  • The web server sends back an acknowledgment in a digitally signed format for starting an SSL encrypted session.
  • Now, the access is granted to share encrypted data between the web server and the browser/server.

Do I need SSL?

Yes. If you have a website, SSL is needed. Earlier, it was okay to have an SSL only for the website which was collecting information from the user. But after Google’s update regarding SSL, it is needed no matter what type of website you have, whether you collect the information or not. Even a simple blog will also display a “Not Secure” if the SSL is not installed on it.

How safe is SSL?

SSL/TLS Certificate installed on the website means it helps to secure the data transferred between the visitor and a website and vice-versa. Though one thing has to be noted that, it doesn’t mean the information on the server is secured, as once the sensitive data reaches the server it’s up to the admin on how to keep it safe for example, encryption of database.

In other words, HTTPS means HTTP is sent over an SSL encrypted connection which covers GET & POST with other HTTP actions while keeping it safe and unaltered as all the data is passed via an SSL tunnel to the client browser.

What is SSL used for?

Put simply, SSL is one of the security protocols used for establishing a secured connection between a web browser and the web server, which ensures users that all the data passed between a web browser and web server remains integral and private.

In other words, SSL certificates are one of small data files which are digitally bound cryptographic key with an organization’s details. Usually, it is used for securing sensitive transactions over the internet such as transactions made with a credit card or online banking, login credentials, and more.